Barcia refutes Anderson’s claim that he was upset at being taken out!

In a bizarre row, Jason Anderson took to social media to say it was ironic that Justin Barcia complained about a pass after Anderson put Barcia down in the heat race, but Barcia then disputed the fact he even complained about it in the press conference (after he put Sexton down in the same turn!)

“I didn’t complain at all,” said Barcia defiantly in the press conference. “He came across with all sorts of profanity…I’m not going to get into a Twitter fight, it’s just silly. I didn’t have a problem with the pass…no big deal, no hard feelings. If he wants to curse at me, that’s fine, I have pretty thick skin. It’s a long season, I don’t feel I need to pay him back or anything, but I race hard, let’s go!”