ADAC MX Masters updated 2021 calendar – June start!

Due to current administrative orders, the season opener of the ADAC MX Masters in Dreetz, scheduled for May 8, 2021, won’t take place on the scheduled date. Instead, the race in Brandenburg dates back to the event in Möggers in Austria on August 14th-15th. The Austrian guest race of the ADAC MX Masters cannot take place this year after an accident in the area of the MCC Mögger’s board.

After the rescheduling of the race in Dreetz in Brandenburg, the ADAC MX Masters season 2021 will now start on June 26 in Reutlingen, powered by MSC Aichwald. The two Baden-Württemberg clubs 1. RMC Reutlingen and MSC Aichwald pool their forces on the return of the championship to the hard ground track in Reutlingen in a strong cooperation to support the four racing classes ADAC MX Masters, ADAC MX Youngster Cup, ADAC MX Junior Cup 125 and ADAC MX Junior Cup 85 excellent racing conditions to deliver.

The race in the Austrian Möggers (MX weekend Möggers) was cancelled by the hosting MCC Mögger. ′′Unfortunately, due to a serious accident at work by my son Manuel, who is also on the MCC Mögger’s board, we do not have the capacity to properly organize and hold an event at the ADAC MX Masters level this year. This year it’s time to invest all of our strength and energy in Manuel’s recovery and preservation of family business. We are already looking forward to an ADAC MX Masters comeback next year”, according to MCC Möggers-President Gregor Wucher. The entire ADAC MX Masters team wishes Manuel Wucher well and a speedy recovery.

The event of the MC Dreetz e.V. is now dating back to August 14th-15th, the date originally planned for Möggers.

ADAC MX Masters Calendar 2021 (subject to change)

1. 26-27 June; Reutlingen
2. 3-4 July; Bielstein (excluding ADAC MX Junior Cup 125)
3. 17-18 July; Tensfeld (excluding ADAC MX Junior Cup 85)
4. 14-15 August; Dreetz
5. 4-5 September; Fürstlich Drehna
6. 11-12 September; Gaildorf

Pic: ADAC MX Masters