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Video: The Coenen’s do some supercross – more talent off to America?

Video: The Coenen’s do some supercross – more talent off to America?
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In addition to Jorge Prado flirting with going to the US in 2025, the Coenen brothers have long been vocal in their desire to head to America as soon as possible!

Lucas has a shot at the MX2 world title next year but he is still putting some time in on a supercross track and it looks like he has the skills should the American dream materialise – but can MXGP keep losing high quality riders to the States?

The Coenen’s, like Prado, will be in GP’s in 2024, but let’s see what happens from 2025 or beyond! It is possible MXGP loses three top tier talents in one go at the end of next season and Kay de Wolf has already mentioned his interest in potentially going to the States as well!

Not ideal for the GP promoter’s who surely want to keep their top guys in the premier motocross series and not strengthen the always very glamorous American series, but it’s hard to compete against the big bright American media spotlight and the pure glamour of US supercross in packed floodlit NFL and baseball stadiums on a Saturday night, all while living in the sunshine compared to the more pure and grizzly, grass roots, ruts and bumps of outdoors and putting laps in on wet sand tracks all winter.

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