Video: Hampshire’s crash at A2

RJ Hampshire had a brilliant first moto win but threw the chance of an overall win away in style after a crash while coming thought he field (and ahead of Jett) in race two that resulted in a DNF. It was a costly one for RJ as Cameron McAdoo moved up to second place int he series despite riding injured.

Hampshire said: “Man, what a brutal day. The track just had that feeling where it was a bit off. In the first main I started out good and got a holeshot and won,” Hampshire said. “Then the second main was chaos from the beginning. I think it was about the third or fourth lap I just lost my hand in the sand and I had a big one. Thanks to Dr. G we were able to tape my shoulder up and gave it all we had for that third main. It’s not ideal, but I think we’re still in it. It could have been much worse and we have a little break now, so we’ll be ready for Oakland in a couple of weeks.”