Video: Barcia’s view on taking Anderson out – I wouldn’t change anything!

Jason Anderson ended up on the deck for the fourth weekend in a row as Justin Barcia put a Bam Bam move on the Kawasaki rider to take Anderson out for the second time this season! Barcia put his hand up to apologise but Ricky Carmichael wasn’t buying the apology saying Barcia knew exactly what he was doing!

Barcia, who was under investigation by the AMA said: “I wouldn’t change anything, I would do the same thing I did, I took the line – obviously he didn’t see me. What am I supposed to do? I don’t think it was dirty. You go for it or you don’t go for it, I seen an opportunity I went for it. I wasn’t going a 100 MPH to clean the guy out I was on the brakes. He could have turned down harder or he didn’t see me, it’s just that kind of situation. It was a racing incident, we race for a lot here.”

Anderson ended up sixth with Barcia second, just behind winner Eli Tomac who is now running away with this series in a weak field that saw the top guys lap into the top ten , and a few riders getting lapped more than once, as the injuries take their toll in 2022.

Race highlights below:

We talk about the Barcia incident plus MXGP in Argentina here or below on Spotify: