Van Horebeek on his SDM-Corse Factory Beta debut: Special day

The Factory Beta SDM-Corse Racing team made their anticipated Motocross debut at the weekend by racing the opening round of the International Italian Championship. 

As it was the first race for the manufacture it was unknown territory but Van Horebeek went 4-4 in the moto’s battling and beating some other MXGP and factory riders. 

It’s a very positive start for Beta and the bike should continue to get better and better so it’s an exciting time! Van Horebeek was clearly happy with how his first race with the team went and is looking forward to the future. 

“First of all, really proud to be part of this special day to be behind a start gate with @betamotor1905 after such a long time not having a motocross bike and knowing that a few months ago there was not even a motocross bike to go racing so really happy to get the bike going today with a good day to start of P4 and P4 for the races today is something to be happy with! We still have work to do but I think we showed that we are on the good way and not far of good race speed. Today, it was all about learning more about the bike and we got some really good info. Thanks for all the support and a big thank you to the team @sdm_corse_official for all the work today. Let’s keep building and enjoy”, Van Horebeek stated on social media.