Valk secures EMX125 wildcard ride

Even though young Dutch talent, Cas Valk will focus on the EMX85 championship this year, he’s secured a wildcard entry for the first round of the EMX125 Championship taking place at Valkenswaard this weekend.

Valk will be under the JK Yamaha awning and hopes to qualify for the main races. He has no pressure on his shoulders because he’s fully focused on the 85cc but hopes to have fun this weekend.

“My winter preparation went very well after the last races from the Dutch Championship we went for fun riding with the 125. My parents have asked me before what I want to ride this year and I want the 85 because I’m just 13 years old and we have enough time to switch. We have made a good deal with Yamaha Europe for the 85 but my bikes where not ready to ride it. So we took sometimes the 125 to ride it. Sometimes between it we did some testing with the 85. In Italy we decided together with JK Yamaha to ask if I can join the EMX125 in Valkenswaard. We asked the KNMV and FIM Europe and it was legal to ride it and after this race again ride the 85. So it is just a fun weekend for me and I hope I can qualify for the heats. I have no expectations for the weekend and if I don’t qualify I will support my sister Lynn in the WMX class”, Valk commented.

“The main goal for me this year is to ride 85 European and Dutch Masters and perhaps the World MX Junior 85. It is not always easy for my parents with Lynn and me to find the time for everything. My dad has with my uncle the company and they have a lot of work to do. My mum is really busy with Lynn to go to the races so I am happy that my dad comes with me to the European races”, Added Valk.

“I really love my 85cc Yamaha, I have a special big frame made by RIWA and it’s really easy to ride. I am looking forward to the season and would like to thank Yamaha for the opportunity to ride the 85cc”.

Pic: Niek Kamper