Shaun Simpson interview: I’m feeling really good on the bike

Shaun Simpson rode strong all weekend at the British GP but a costly crash just two frustrating turns from the chequered flag in race one meant the Scot dropped from ninth to 16th in about the only mistake he made all weekend.

Simpson was in the midst of a battle in all three races he contested, holding people off, battling to get past those in front with not a second’s rest in any moto. It’s a tough class with some tough racing but there is no-one who loves a scrap more than Simpson and the rougher the track the better for the tough Scot!

We caught up with a relaxed Simpson at the end of the day for a quick chat just before the proud dad took his young son Angus for a walk around the paddock.

You were riding good, but that crash in the first moto killed your overall a little bit…

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Yeah it did but you just have got to take what comes at you. Motocross throws these things at you just to annoy you! It will not be the first time someone falls off on the last lap, look at Cairoli in the quali race, it’s happens to the best of us. I thought I had ninth secured with two or three corners to go and just got a high-sider out of the turn.

It took a wee bit longer to get the bike started than I’d hoped, I don’t really know what went on there, but that cost me 30 seconds and seven places, I ended up 16th but nevermind. We bounced back in the second one for another ninth, tenth overall and moved to ninth in the championship from eighth but it’s still tight and there is loads of racing left. I’m feeling good on the bike and feeling like we have a recipe here for some special.

I’ve just not been well all weekend, I’ve had a cold and flu symptoms and been sweating through the night so to perform the way I did, I’m pretty stoked.


The track looked pretty relentless, choppy bumps in and out of the corners…

I personally preferred it today, there was a lot more motocross to be done. Yesterday everyone was following each other around and I didn’t really enjoy it. I don’t really enjoy Saturday’s anymore to be honest! It’s all about race day and it starts at 1pm on a Sunday afternoon, everyone gets overly excited about all that goes on Saturday but Cairoli proved at Argentina that Saturday means nothing. I did enjoy the track – I can’t believe there was dust in March in the UK! I really enjoyed it, I would put this up there with one of the better GPs that I enjoyed, not just because of my results or anything, my wee man Angus is here and I’m just really enjoying my racing.

Does it help that after a crash like in the first moto you can go back and see him and he doesn’t care about the race or results, and just wants some attention!

Yeah I just held him, hung out for a bit, he cried, I changed a nappy and then I got back to it! (smiles).