Tommy Searle interview – I am feeling good!

Tommy Searle had a tough race at Duns with a bad start forcing the Dixon Kawasaki man to come through the field in the wet conditions.

Searle looked uncomfortable until he pitted for new goggles then really upped the pace and charged through to sixth place and might even have been the fastest man on the track.

With the second moto cancelled we caught up with Tommy to talk about the day, his recent good form, that collision with Bobby at Loket and what his plans are for next season.

A tough race for you today, coming through the pack and having to pit for goggles, but you came through strong at the end?

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Yeah with just how it was today, it was basically a lottery all day. I actually got a really good jump and then Bobby or Monticelli I’m not sure, I got off balance and almost had to stop on the inside and I was last. It was so difficult with the rain to see and I lost my goggles and had to pit for goggles so a really difficult first race, I ended up sixth I think. It was a tough race where you had to get a good start and I didn’t and that was the race over really.

Were you in favour of the race being cancelled? It looked pretty treacherous out there…

Yeah, what can you gain from this? It’s so dangerous, you can’t even see 100ft in front. It could have been good, I might have been able to get some points back or win a race but it’s a lottery and it’s not worth it for injuries and safety they had to cancel it.

Recently you won at Desertmartin and have shown top ten speed in GPs, do you feel after the injuries you are finally showing your form this season?

Yeah I am feeling good, I still need to back it up with results, we have been fast for a lot of the Saturdays. It all comes from the start and I need to keep working on those with the team but I really enjoy the bike with Kawasaki and hopefully we can get on the ‘19 Kawasaki soon because that is going to be one of the best bikes on the track.

Searle Duns Pic: J McCready

Will you be hoping to be on that 2019 bike for the rest of the season?

Not for the rest of the season but maybe towards the end of the season, I am going to get on one in the weeks and start testing and just see how good we can make that bike really.

On the Motocross Des Nations, Jake Nicholls wants to be on the team, I’m sure you do as well along with Shaun Simpson, what are your thoughts on that for Red Bud, you know the track obviously too?

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Yeah, I have not really put much thought into that. There are a lot of good riders at the minute and anyone of them would be deserving of the spot, it is what it is.

Just on the incident with Bobby, it looked pretty bad on TV but you apologised to him, had you misread where you thought where he was going to be on the track?

Not really, I knew where I was on the track and came across but it looks way, way worse on TV than it actually was. I spoke to Bobby straight after the race and said sorry, it was my fault but I was actually alongside him and it wasn’t until he tucked and came out of the berm that we collided, I just didn’t expect that and he didn’t expect me to be there.

But it was my fault and I feel bad for it, I don’t want to race like that at all and I shouldn’t have maybe come in so hot but I didn’t realise.

And finally, have you anything sorted for next season?

Nothing yet, I would love to stay with Kawasaki so we are working on that but as of yet, no deal.