Taylor Hammal injury update

After getting a GP ride with Dixon Kawasaki and showing some promising speed and potential, young British prospect, Taylor Hammal, has had a a nightmare 12 months with an untimely wrist injury – but he still refuses to give in!

Hammal gave an honest update on his physical and mental health after yet another surgery saying: “3 weeks ago unfortunately I had another surgery on my wrist to fix my ruptured tendon and to fix another tendon that was out of place and torn badly. This one has been my 4th one and praying this is the last. As it’s coming up to a year next week, looking back it’s completely torn me apart inside mentally not only from this but I’ve faced and delt with a lot of adversity too.

“After getting the opportunity I’ve dreamed of being paid to ride my bike in Grand Prix for a living and then for it to end up like this has made it that more harder to deal with. I put absolutely everything into the chance I was giving. I have questioned myself “why me”. It’s felt like it’s all come crashing down. I have been trying my best to overcome the mental health problems that’s come with this. Throughout the last year I have not once gave up and I’m still not. I’ve kept training and trying to ride, trying every solution to getting it fixed, laser surgery, hyperbaric chambers, cortisone injections, acupuncture, 8 screws and a plate, 2 infected scars, 3 hand specialists, 4 surgeries.

“I know after this recent surgery all will be good and I can’t wait to get back riding. Motocross is my life and I’m desperate to get back to it. Definitely looking forward to brighter days ahead to show everyone I’ve still got it 💪🏻 I can’t thank my family enough for sticking and supporting me through this as it’s been just as hard on them as well 💙As well my sponsors that have stuck with me throughout, appreciate. 👊🏻”