Interview: Tommy Searle – battling hard at the British MXGP!

Tommy Searle’s results didn’t do his riding justice at the British GP after an after-market battery failure in the qualifying race meant the BOS Kawasaki rider had to start with the outside gate pick for both GP motos on Sunday.

Searle rode hard through the pack in a very competitive field and tough track both times to take 12th overall on the day, making the best of a bad scenario.

We caught up with the talented Brit who is showing some real form this season on the new Kawasaki.

That was a tough weekend for you (with bike issue in qualifying and the outside gate pick) but you actually rode really well.

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It was always going to be a tough day after what happened yesterday in qualifying but I was positive about the day still. I thought I could get off the start and do the best I could, but it was a bit unrealistic to think I could come around the first turn in the top ten. In both races I did everything I could, I got great starts, hung off the back, I pushed hard into the first corner and got bumped both times. I was so wide I was taking a bit of risk and got bumped.

I came from last in both races and got an 11th and 14th, the second race I made quite a few mistakes, I felt like I would gain a few positions and then something would happen, a rider would hit me or I would hit a crashed rider in front of me, I just didn’t have the best rhythm really. I think maybe everyone struggled with the track, the sun was really low and it was really rough.

Overall I still feel positive about things in general, it was always going to be a tough day and it was.

That first moto, you went from last to fourteenth in a lap, where did you make that time?!

Yeah, there was a crash in the third corner and people queued up and I got round a few, I think I got like ten in that one turn. I just put my head down to be honest and made a few good passes and had good lines where people got hung up and the odd time that can happen. I’ve had it before when I’ve gone from fifth to fifteenth on the first lap where you make a few bad moves but yeah, I was committed and I gave it everything I possibly could on the first lap.

When I looked up over the finish line I could see the good riders’ names in front of me and I was like, ‘okay I’ve done well, I’ve done what I wanted to do in that first lap.’ I got my head down after that, I got caught up with a few riders I should have passed sooner and lost my rhythm and pumped up a bit in that race, but overall I was really happy with my first couple of laps in that one.

Overall after the first two GPs, Argentina was good and you rode good here, better than it showed in the results, you must be feeling good to be showing your potential and be healthy?

Yeah I am feeling really good at the minute with everything and happy with way it’s progessing. Obviously today was difficult, if yesterday had gone better I know my results would have been a lot stronger this weekend. I wanted to come here and fight for a top five and I know that was possible, but it’s racing and these things happen.

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I’m healthy and I’ll keep working hard, the team with what happened yesterday, they are also a lot more motivated. In one way it’s bad that it happened but in another way it gives them a lot of motivation for that not to happen again. They can see I am putting 100% in and it makes them want to do the same so we are going to go away from here with our heads held high and we are going to test and improve.

The Brit had plenty of support from a huge home crowd

Being on a new team do you feel there is more to come as you get to know each other and they know your riding style and stuff like that?

Yeah, this team has huge potential with what they can do. They are very clever people, they are still learning a lot as well, they haven’t been running a professional motocross team for long.

They have been in different sports, they have been at the top of any sport they have done, in mountain biking they won world championships, their main championship now is the world rally championship and they won the world championship last year with Toyota, anything they do they are at the top of.

They are just at the beginning I feel with what they are doing (in motocross), after today Olivier says we need to work on the suspension, he wasn’t happy with how it was today and he’s motivated to make it a lot better for me.