Sexton on his supercross season, the title, the crashes and Tomac

He will be crowned 2023 450 supercross champ tomorrow and Chase Sexton will be the first premier class supercross champ since 2003 adding his name on the list of Red legends like Bailey, Johnson, McGrath and Carmichael, this is what he had to say to the media the day before his dream comes true.

Winning the title for Honda

“Nothing is done yet, we still have to cross the finish line tomorrow but it definitely is special. I told Brandon, the guy that runs the racing team, I will give you a championship before I leave here, because they haven’t won since Ricky in 2003, so it is hopefully going to be a special night tomorrow night.

The crashes

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“It was definitely some tough weeks for me. I just felt after that first mistake they kept coming. Going on my phone all I was seeing was highlight reels of my crashes. Mentally it was tough to see those and bounce back. I knew I had it in me to link these races together but until you go and do it, when you are under the lights and racing in front of everybody, it’s different. Some dark times in the middle of the season but I told myself I had to fight everything I have every point. After Seattle I felt defeated, I needed that weekend off.

It has come full circle, I definitely wouldn’t trade them, I feel I am the most complete racer I’ve been.

I would say my theme this year is never give up. My goal is to come in here and win this final race, its obviously a little bit different circumstances with Eli out , coming in here with the unknown of his he going to show up or whats going to happen! My mindset stats the same and my goal is to win the final race.

Eli Tomac

Last week was a freak incident with his achilles. For him to go out like that is a bummer. Last year, racing him, I feel like me and him learned a lot about each other, not talking but, just racing each other on the track. You can learn a lot about somebody’s character in 30 minutes. And doing des Nations together, I got to talk to him and that was really special, for me, at least, to get to know him a little more, and he opened up a little bit which was cool. I hope we see him back, I don’t want this to be his final race. I hope he comes back and it maybe gives him a bit more life having the time off.

Image: Align