The AMA Supercross championship battle is still on

Image: Feld | Words: Kris Jaromin

Warming situation of the title fight in the royal 450 class between Jett Lawrence and Cooper Webb is definitely for the Australian Star after Phily round. Despite Team Yamaha’s orders and Tomac and Webb swapping positions, Cooper was unable to beat the flawless Jett. We cannot assume with certainty that the team-mates’ swapping was controlled, but we have known such situations in F1 so far, supercross was usually outside of such arrangements.

The only competitor who could have beaten Jett Lawrence that day was Chase Sexton, but Jett, taking the lead right after the start, usually does not relinquish it until the very end. Additionally, Anderson’s attack at the last corner pushed Cooper Webb off the podium and deprived the Yamaha driver of further points. The fate of the title is, of course, still unresolved, but Jett, slightly moving away from Webb, is currently 12 points ahead. The advantage is worth one bigger mistake, but in a clean fight it’s hard not to bet on Jett Lawrence winning.

15 is the point difference between Deegan and Tom Vialle. After a bad start in the Philadelphia final, both riders did everything they could to get closer to the title, but Tom Vialle’s experience allowed him to increase his advantage. During the press conference, Deegan gave the impression that he understand that the title is starting to slip away, but everything is still possible. The title for Tom is close, but the fight is still on.

Denver and Salt Lake City rounds will decide on the titles, and the fact that we have no final decisions at this point guarantees great emotions at the end of the season.