Sexton on changing mechanics

Image: Sexton IG

Chase Sexton says the change of mechanic last weekend in Philadelphia had nothing to do with the crash at Nashville that effectively ended title hopes after Sexton said a rock broke his throttle cable leading to him almost looping out and casing a double that he didn’t mean to jump.

Sexton said: “I have nothing but love for @zimm763 and he will always be a super important person to me. I want to thank him for everything, and I had the best time working with him. I wanted to come out and clear the air that us not working together had nothing to do with the throttle in Nashville. That was a freak incident and no one’s fault. This was a decision made independently by the team and Brandon. Zimm is an awesome mechanic and I wish him the best on his next endeavors. Ready to see him at the gate soon ❤️”

See the crash below;

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