Seewer and Covington talk about their GP in Lombardia

Jeremy Seewer won his third ever GP, but as he admitted in the press conference, he managed to do it on one of hs least favourite style of tracks – the sand!

Seewer rode really well in race one to calmly work his way into the lead and check out, but a couple of small crashes in race two meant he didn’t have a chance of catching championship rival Pauls Jonass for the lead.

But it still meant that Seewer won the overall gained seven points in the championship, and with the next round back on hard-pack, Seewer is hoping to keep the momentum going.

Seewer said: “It’s my third GP win so it’s pretty amazing. It’s not my favourite track, I like natural tracks with uphills, downhills and tacky dirty. This is sand and flat so not what I usually like but I felt good on the bike and I was fast all weekend. It’s amazing to win, it was a tough one especially with that second moto, I had two small crashes that broke my rhythm and cost me a lot of energy. I was out of energy with five minutes to go and just tried to survive. I had it on my mind from two years ago when I passed out in Thailand from the heat, I didn’t want that to happen and I tried to save as much energy as possible to win the GP.

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“It’s always good to catch some points back. It’s still a big gap but there is still a long way to go and I am not looking at the points. I just try to go out thee and do my best and try to win, then I think I will be fine at the end of the year.”

Thomas Covington rode really well all weekend and even won the heat race on Saturday. His sand technique has vastly improved and on Saturday only he and Jeremy Seewer were doubling the braking bumps into the right hander before the pitlane. It was small example of the impressive improvement Covington has made in the sand and he explained he was very happy to get a podium in conditions that are very different to what American riders are used to.

Covington: “For me to get a podium in the sand is an awesome feeling. Especially since the first couple of years here I really struggled in the sand. Pretty much any American that comes over struggles in the sand because we don’t have anything like this back home. We have made a lot of improvements over the last couple of years and I’m stoked to be on the podium.

“I was pretty strong in Latvia too but I had a bg crash there, but I have been feeling good in the sand this year, so coming into this week I was looking forward to it, also to get the win on Saturday helped even more. The first race I got a terrible starts, I was almost last going into the first turn but made some quick moves in the first few corners and was just outside the top ten. The second race I almost got the holeshot, Pauls just beat me across the line. I pushed pretty hard the first few laps but I just didn’t have the speed of Pauls and Jeremy. I was a little bit smoked after Jeremy passed me and I was just trying to survive.”

You can get Pauls Jonass’ thoughts on the day in our interview with him, here.