Roczen defends himself over docked points

Ken Roczen has explained in detail with accompanying images why he feels it was unfair he was docked four points and lost the red plate for jumping on a red cross flag in Houston on Tuesday night. The German says he couldn’t see the flag with Ferrandis blocking his view and feels the penalty was over the top given his circumstances.

Roczen said: “Before I get into my night I wanted to say that i am disappointed in how this situation was handled. (Sorry for the bad quality photos) I just wanted to get you guys an idea of what the deal was. Put yourself under my helmet. There is a video with a better angle that the AMA has which made it even more clear…

“I got docked 4 championship points because of jumping on a Red Cross flag even though my vision at this part of the track was blocked because Dylan took the outside line and as i came around the sand turn he was positioned perfectly in front of the flag and i could not see it.

“I have never disrespected the Red Cross flag ever before and in my eyes this was clearly not a BLATENT VIOLATION. This situation was very unique and the timing of it was so special that a warning or a fine would have been a lot more appropriate. I have spoke my peace. I am just disappointed with the decision especially since it says it black and white in the rule book. A situation like this ( points docked ) instead of a fine is not fair. It just simply wasn’t “BLATANT”. There were more factors than just simply jumping on a red cross flag🤷🏼‍♂️ anyway. I’ll just deal with 🤙🏽 That means no red plate. It’s all good though.”