Rick Elzinga: Moving up to the 250cc in 2019

Young Dutch talent, Rick Elzinga has only contested two rounds of the EMX125 Championship this year due to injuries but despite the injuries he’s still stood on the podium in the EMX125 Championship which is a good achievement.

“I was delighted with the podium but in Switzerland I didn’t really ride that good because the first heat I felt like I could have won and in the second heat I didn’t get any feeling with the track and I rode really bad”. Despite not being too happy with his riding he still ended up third overall which is a good result.

Unfortunately, due to the wrist and back injuries, Elzinga has been riding in pain as well.  “If I didn’t have any injuries, I would ride way better. Until now I’m not really satisfied with my riding because I continue to have pain in my back and wrist (the pain isn’t gone but I can ride). My bike time is really poor, I rode like 2 weeks before the EMX125 round in France and after I had two weeks but then I crashed again. It meant I only had one week on the bike before Switzerland”.

It’s a shame the young MJC Yamaha rider picked up the injuries because without them he could have battled for the EMX125 title. “I’m sure I could have battled for the title because in Italy at the Mantova international race I rode normal like I had in training and I was faster then riders like Guadagnini and Hofer until I crashed”.

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With the injuries ruining his 2018 season, Elzinga could have opted to stay on the 125cc but he’s decided to move up to the 250cc in 2019. He’s confirmed he will stay with Yamaha but the team and the championships aren’t decided yet.

“I have plans for 2019 which is going to be on the 250cc and I will be staying with Yamaha – the team is not sure yet”.

“I would like to thank all the people who help me get back on my bike quick after an injury like my parents my team boss Loic le foll and the Knmv for the help physically”.

Pic Niek Kamper