Interview: Caden Braswell on winning the JWC

The Junior World Championships recently took place in Australia and to the delight of young American talent, Caden Braswell, he won the 85cc World Championship title!

The young American was up against a lot of bright talents including the likes of Kay de Wolf, Liam Everts and Camden Mc Lellan just to name a few!

Braswell went 3-1 in the moto’s and it was enough to win the world championship title. We caught up with the young champ to discuss his day and much more.

Gatedrop: Caden, you won the 85cc world championship in Australia, just how does it feel to clinch the title?

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Caden Braswell: It feels unreal. Like a dream come true, I’m a World champ!

Gatedrop: Can you talk me through both of your moto’s?

Caden Braswell: First moto I pulled the start and about lap 2 the netting in my pants got hung up in my knee brace and caused it to lock up so I couldn’t move my leg. I dropped back and kept trying to get it to release. Finally it broke lose and I was able to charge back to 3rd.
In the second moto I got a horrible start so I just put my head down and charged. I was able to win the moto and the overall.

Gatedrop: Did you enjoy racing against new competition as you usually just race in America?

Caden Braswell: It was an awesome experience racing different guys. The format was different and the fans overseas are great!

Gatedrop: Did you know much about the competition before the event that took place in Australia?

Caden Braswell: No, I had no idea who I would be racing. I really didn’t even think much about it. I just came off our national event Loretta Lynn’s and was on a break for 2 weeks before I left to go. I had an awesome time and can’t wait to race over there again.

Gatedrop: You contested the Loretta Lynn’s, how did that event go for you?

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Caden Braswell: It went great. I won a title in mini sr2 and got third in the mini sr1.

Gatedrop: Out of the new competitors you were racing against, who would you say impressed you the most?

Caden Braswell: Probably Everts, he was fast and a good racer.

Gatedrop: Would you have an interest in coming over and racing in the World Championship paddock?

Caden Braswell: Absolutely, I would love to go to the world championship paddock. I had the best time racing overseas. It was so cool!

Gatedrop: Have to spoke to any Americans that race the world championship, if so what have they had to say about the series?

Caden Braswell: I have and they all say the same thing. It’s not easy and if you can win then it’s a great accomplishment!

Gatedrop: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Caden Braswell: Everyone (laughs).
KTM OB for getting a bike
FMF, TLD moto, Oakley, Alpinestar, Dunlop, nihilo, Ricky with the AMA for giving a chance to be on the team. Mike for going with me and being my mechanic. Team USA riders and parents for all the support and help. All the great friends and people that help with financials. But most of all my Mom and Dad couldn’t have done it with out them.

Pic: Youthstream