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Results: Tampere Supercross – Saturday

Results: Tampere Supercross – Saturday
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Harri Kullas did the double after winning the first night of action he also did the business during night two. American visitor, Cade Clason finished runner up ahead of Jorge Zaragoza.

Get the official race report and results below:

Saturday’s final of the international invitational race started with Spain’s Jorge Zaragoza leading at the Exhibition and Sports Center of city called Tampere. To the surprise and frustration of the several thousand spectators, the biggest favorite to win, Finnish-Estonian Harri Kullas, was second to last. The reason was found in Kullas’ crash at the start corner, and in addition, he also caught the Danish Mathias J├Ârgensen in the same pile. Kullas started a furious chase and passed riders one after another.

Zaragoza led on his electric bike almost until the middle of the final, until American Cade Clason took the first position. Kullas roared through the sold-out hall with pass after pass until he pulled ahead of Zaragoza a few laps before the 20-lap final. Clason’s lead did not last as Kullas past him on the second last lap and went on to victory.

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– Wow, what a race. I’ve had a sore throat and not feeling well all day and I’ve just been counting the hours until the day ends. Then I fell at the start and also hit my head a little. However, you should never give up, but should always give your best regardless of the situation, Kullas reminded.

– The crowd was really great behind me and I could hear their cheering every time I passed someone on the track. The atmosphere was really great and even though I was out of breath a lot at times, I kept pushing until the end. Big thanks to the audience!

The Tampere supercross track was exceptional for many foreigners because the clay-based material had ruts and the grip was really strong.

– I saw Harri catching me, and I tried to push harder. He rode absolutely insanely fast and I just couldn’t respond to that, Clason shared the credit to Kullas.

– I love riding here in Finland. The crowd was really great again and the atmosphere was amazing. The track was super gnarly and completely different from what I’m used to. I had to make some extraordinary adjustments to the suspension on my bike. The surface of the track was like gum. The grip was so strong. But it was great to race here.

The experienced Zaragoza was pleased with his first proper race with the attention-grabbing electric bike, which he rode on Friday and Saturday to third place.

– I’m really, really happy with my results. Feels amazing and was fun to ride. The track had a lot of traction and ruts, which made it difficult. On the other hand, I liked the technicality of the track and I’m really satisfied with my two race days, Zaragoza said.

Hometown’s Jere Haavisto finished second on Friday, but didn’t finish Saturday’s final.

– I passed one rider, but he hit me in the next corner and I fell. My bike got damage and had to stop riding. It was going well until that. I didn’t have exact expectations for this race, so second place on Friday was really good. It was important to remain healthy and there was a great atmosphere in the hall, the house was full and I got to ride in front of the home crowd, Haavisto picked positive aspects.

Based on the combined results of the two days, Kullas won the Tampere Dominator title for the seventh time, since nine Tampere Supercrosses have now been organized. Zaragoza was second and Clason third.

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Image: Antti Peltola.

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