Results: MX2 qualifying race Portugal

Jago Geerts took the lead and controlled the qualifying race in Portugal with Mattia Guadagnini and Kevin Horgmo equidistant apart in second and third but the action was behind the static top three!

Kay de Wolf had the wing mirrors on and the elbows out as he defended his fourth place with all he had as Tom Vialle got more and more frustated trying to make a move. Even when it looked like he had the pass done, de Wolf would come back and the frustration would get the better of Vialle with a couple of laps to go when he went down trying to make a desperate move on the dutch rider.

It was then Mikkel Harrup’s turn to attack De Wolf and he mad ethe pass only for de Wolf to strike back immediatly and hold on to fourth in an impressive ride after his big crash in Argentina.

Tom Vialle ended up back in 13th with Gifting impressive just two weeks after a broken collarbone taking sixth.

Image: InFront Moto Racing