Results: Australia supercross – Newcastle – Anstie and Wilson dominate!

Max Anstie dominated all three motos in SX2 in Newcastle, with the points leader even coming from behind in the first two thanks to not ideal starts. But Anstie’s class told during each sprint with Nathan Crawford riding well for second overall.

In SX1, it was Dean Wilson’s night as he ran down Brayton in the first moto for the win, won race two and three with Brayton going down hard out of the gate in race three after tangling with another rider. Brayton cruised around in pain as Wilson ran away from Josh Hill at the front as the Scot extended his championship lead.

Wilson said: “This is by far the slippiest track I’ve ever been on. When I was in the lead I was staying calm and chill. Three for three tonight, I’m having such a good time in Australia, I’m loving it.”

In tthe CR22 85 race Ben Townley and Chad Reed’s sons were in what was Reed’s first ever supercross race experience with Townley’s son Levi, impressing taking third place, but admitting he was “pissed” at having to charge through the field after an early crash – one to watch!

Race winner, Cooper Ford, was extremely impressive and could be the next young Aussie making it big time!

Image: Australian SX