Portugal MXGP podium quotes – Prado, Gajser, Bogers


Jorge Prado: “It’s great to get back on the top of the box. It’s hard, everybody is riding very fast and in the first races until now it was hard for me to ride like myself, always with a lot of pressure and I don’t know why. It was a long time since I won so when everything goes well, it looks like everything comes easy, the wins come one after each other, but once you get the win, I think it’s the perfect place to be in to relieve pressure. And I think this weekend will change a lot. It’s been hard, especially Argentina but I’m super happy to be here and to go 1-2 for the overall. Second race was tough, but I got the GP win”.

Tim Gajser: “It was a good day. The first race I didn’t have a good jump out of the gate, so I was a bit back and was struggling in the beginning to find good lines. Then about ten minutes into the race I managed to find some nice lines and make some passes, but the front two were already in a quite comfortable lead so it was really difficult to close and pass them. For the second one, I had a better start and was behind Jorge and tried to find the lines again and then managed to make a pass and have two or three fast laps and control it, so I’m happy”.

Brian Bogers: “It’s amazing. I mean, I am speechless but the way to here was so difficult, even from 2018 when I broke my foot, I was out for nine months and to get back here was really difficult. But we are back and I am feeling good, already the first races were actually good and it’s been going better and better and now I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.  

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Tom Vialle: “I had a difficult Saturday, I crashed in the qualifying race and was 13th on the gate which was pretty far, and the start here is not super long. First race, in the first two laps it was a little bit slippery, but I managed to win the race and I was happy with this. Second race I had an ok start, the first lap was really good for me because I passed a lot of riders and went into the lead. Jago passed me and I was struggling for a few laps, but I was happy with the second position, Jago was riding quite good, and I didn’t want to take any risks to try to push to win the second race. Second GP win of the season and I’m happy about today.

Mikkel Haarup: “We got the Fox Holeshot in the first race, and it was really nice, the first one of the season. And then I was leading for a couple of laps, but Tom passed me and I think actually it was pretty good to follow and see how it was, because it was a new situation for me, it was my first time out in front in MX2 and I learned a lot. We started to gain pace by the end of the race but didn’t manage to get the pass. But it was great, the best race for me so far this season and my career. And then second race, I made a mistake and the holeshot device popped out on the start straight, didn’t get a good start but still managed to make some good passes and caught up to the top three guys but couldn’t find the flow to make the pass. But anyway, I was happy with my riding and the result, the best of my career so far”.

Jago Geerts: “I’m really happy about my riding today. In the first race, on the landing my handlebar slipped, and I had a pretty big crash so I needed to come from the back and still finished in ninth position, it was a little bit of damage control. And then in the second heat, I got a pretty good start and after a couple of laps found a good flow and managed to pass Tom and won the heat so, I’m really happy about my speed and the second race. I just need to try to do the same thing and keep working at it race-by-race”.

Images: InFront Moto Racing