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Musquin – racing will tell me if I’m back to my full potential!

Musquin – racing will tell me if I’m back to my full potential!

Marvin Musquin says he is back close to his full potential but isn’t quite sure how close as he gets set to race his first supercross since 2019. The technical Frenchman missed the 2020 supercross season due to a knee injury and is anxious to see if he can get to where he was before the injury.

“This year my goal was to comeback to my full potential of riding a supercross track, my last race was Vegas 2019,” explained Musquin. “I was back for outdoors after my injury, so that was a good comeback but now with the off-season over, I am pretty happy and my goal is to be consistent on the training and, like I said, to be back to my full potential.

“The good thing here in Florida with Aldon’s is being able to ride with Cooper and Zach is it’s nice to battle and push each other. I feel like I’m doing pretty good I’m just excited to go racing and see where I’m at, but training and racing is two different things. If I was back to ’18 or ’19 speed or physically? I would say close but not quite there, racing will tell me if I’m back to my full potential.”

On being forgotten about as a title contender in 2021 Musquin says he understands why: “I missed last season so it kind of makes sense, I had a big, big injury in the knee and it took a long time to recover. Missing the whole year last year, i don’t want to say you forget about me, but that’s the way it is, my goal was to be back and here I am I’m excited to go racing.”

The first three races in Houston could be give the fans, media and more importantly Musquin the impetus to believe in himself again as a title contender if it goes well, but if things start bad, it could be tough for the humble but technically gifted Frenchman to get back into the position to challenge for his dream title.

Article: Jonathan McCready

Images: Simon Cudby