Nikita Kucherov on the FIM’s decision to stop Russian’s competing

Young Russian rider, Nikita Kucherov has commented on the FIM’s decision to stop Russian and Belarusian riders racing FIM events after Russian’s invasion of Ukraine. Unsurprisingly the young Russian isn’t happy with the decision.

You can read Kucherov’s statement below:

“I would like to address FIM live. What are you trying to prove by suspending Russian & Belarusian motorsport athletes from participation at the international competitions? A sport cannot be related to politics. What kind of a «punishment» is that to the persons who are not involved in the current situation at all? We have an obvious example from FIA official choosing to not implement a suspension for the autosport drivers, so why did the decision come to not follow the same way? How can the FIM World Championship be called a World Championship and the international events called «international» if you so choose to suspend a specific nation(-s) from participation?”, Kucherov stated on social media.