Nathan Watson interview – Mr Versatile!

Nathan Watson might just be the most versatile dirt bike rider in the world right now!

The humble but seriously talented Brit won the WESS at Hawkstone just one week before returning to MX at the biggest event of the year and showing GP level speed to help Britain to their third podium in a row!

In addition Watson won Le Touquet in February and did the Red Bull Romaics and Erzberg extreme enduros, it’s a pretty amazing CV but the bronze medal for team GB is something that Watson will never, ever forget.

We caught up with an almost disbelieving Watson who was only announced on the team two weeks ago after Max Anstie’s injury, but he rode superbly all weekend leaving many scratching their heads as to why he isn’t on a GP team!

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A pretty incredible day for you! You won (WESS) at Hawkstone last weekend and now you come away with a podium at the MXoN! Conditions were obviously tough but you just kept going in that third moto!

Yeah it’s unbelievable! We had a solid team of three good sand riders we knew coming into this weekend we had a shot at the podium but the conditions were just horrendous and it was an absolute lottery. Unfortunately my bike broke while in a good position in the first race so we were on the back foot from the first race and never gave up. We kept pushing until the last lap and ended up on the podium! So yeah, Enduro last weekend MX of Nations this weekend, first time here since 2015 and I couldn’t ask for a better weekend.

Were you able to enjoy the races? I know there is a lot of pressure but being back doing 30 minute GP style motos, how was it for you?

I absolutely loved it! It was so good being behind the gate again and the buzz and the whole experience with all the fans and everything, it’s been one of the best weekend’s of my life. I just want to do it all again soon!

Was it a big adjustment from the Enduro last weekend to then go straight into an intense 20 minute qualifying race on Saturday?

It was a completely different race. Last weekend I was slow and steady for two and a half hours and pacing it. Here it is so intense, it’s the end of the season for everyone and they are really pushing as hard as they can, you can really feel the intensity. I adapted pretty well I think, importantly I got some good starts which was really helpful for me, especially in these conditions.

The third moto, it was all to play for and the podium positions were fluctuating, where you aware of any of that or were you just focusing on your laps?

I was just taking it lap by lap, I didn’t have a clue of any podium! They didn’t put it on the pit board, they maybe didn’t want scare me or something like that if they’d put something to do with a podium! They kept it quiet and it was a really good surprise when I came over the finish line and they said you were on the podium, it was amazing.

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The track was quite tight compared to a regular sand track, how did you find it and did you have to adjust how you ride compared to a regular sand track?

Yeah, I haven’t rode anything like that for a very long time to be honest. With the rain it made it pretty rutty and not really flowing. It was super heavy as well, I had some issues hurting the bike a little bit, you had to really think what you were doing. Really tough conditions so happy to make a solid moto.

With everything you’ve done this year, Erzberg, Romaniacs, beach racing, WESS plus the MXoN, you might be the most versatile ride in the world right now! You have a lot of different skills – it’s amazing!

I can actually say I have went from one extreme to the other! It’s literally the polar opposite. It’s pretty cool to see somebody doing that and I’m happy to be doing it. I’m loving the motocross and would like to do some more.

What are the plans for the rest of the year?

I’ve still two rounds left of the World Enduro Super series, then I’m starting beach races in October, I have seven beach races that finish with Le Touquet in February.

So you’ve no time to really celebrate this podium!

No, no stopping just keep plugging away!