Adam Sterry on team GB’s MXoN podium

It was Adam Sterry’s Motocross Des Nations debut at the weekend in Assen and it’s a weekend he’ll remember for a long time after team GB got on the box with third overall.

Sterry will make the move to the 450cc next year which means it’s the end of his MX2 career, to get on the podium with GB means it’s the perfect way to end the season.

“Sure, what a way to end my MX2 career. It’s been a long time since I’ve cried after a race. What an unbelievable day, after the first race I thought me and Nathan had thrown it away but we did it. I was watching that third race and I just have to thank everyone. Nathan, Shaun, they rode incredible. As I’m speaking I’m getting cramp just holding the trophy (laughs). I’ve no words really, just unbelievable, it’s the best moment of my career so far.  I keep wanting to cry when someone says well done, unbelievable”, stated Sterry. 

It wasn’t just Sterry’s MXoN debut as Nathan Watson who Adam knows well was also making his debut.

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“Everyone thinks me and Ben were rivals growing up which we were but myself and Nathan raced each other the most. I moved up a little bit earlier so I was always racing against Nathan and back then it was just a dream to do this as a living. For both of us to represent the country this weekend and do it how we did, it just shows how much of an incredible rider Nathan is as well. He spends all year practicing for Enduro and to come this weekend, okay the track was muddy more like an Enduro but fair play to him how he rode, it shows how incredible he is on a bike”.

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

“Shaun rode well this weekend too and his experience helped. The pressure in the second race with me and him, we needed a really good result and he managed a third. I just want to thank the whole F&H crew, they went above and beyond for the last one and a half years for me and it’s sad for me to be leaving them. So many people to thank, thanks to Rich (Mike-Jones) who’s been behind me since I was six years old. Thanks to Marc de Reuver who I’ve been riding with the past one and a half years, he’s been a crucial part and along with team GB, he helped us all with starts and the boys really benefitted from that. Massive thanks to everyone, to Marc for the opportunity, thanks to all of them”.

Simpson is an experienced rider in the MXGP paddock and Sterry hopes to follow in his footsteps and have a good GP career.

“I was team mates with Shaun in 2016 so I know him well. He’s a really nice guy and we get along really well. I know how great of a rider he is in the sand, he hasn’t had the best of years but to finish it like this, I’m sure he’s happy. An unbelievable way to finish”, added Sterry.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pics: Nigel McKinstry