Mirco ten Kate gearing up for EMX125 debut

Young Dutch talent, Mirco ten Kate has been focusing on the Dutch Championships so far throughout his short career but this weekend he’s about to experience some European championship racing. It’s the first year for ten Kate on the 125cc and before jumping in at EMX level he wanted to adapt to the bike and build up his speed before jumping straight in.

This weekend, ten Kate heads to Germany to make his EMX125 debut in what is a very stacked class full of talent but ten Kate will be looking to impress. It’s a very hard pack track so it’s not conditions ten Kate is used to due to the sandy Dutch tracks but he’ll look to learn as much as he can.

“The decision to do some of the EMX125 races is because the Dutch Championship rounds in Holland are finished. I ended up second in the championship. Before the season started we did not enter the EMX125 series because it is my first year on the 125 and we first needed to learn the new class and find out if I had enough speed. The step to the 125cc has been good to me and together with my trainer Marcel Hartman we worked hard to make some good steps in my riding”, ten Kate told GateDrop.com. 

“Since the calendar of EMX125 moved completely to my after season we want to gain experience in the EMX125 class and ride on tracks I don’t know. The plan is to do all the EMX125 rounds next season”.

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“The entry list is big so I hope to qualify and do two good races with nice battles, the EMX is such a different level. I will try to learn quick and above all to keep relaxed and enjoy the competition. It’s all new for me including the track. It’s so different from the tracks in Holland but I am ready to take on the challenge and I will give it my best”.

“I want to thank all my sponsors but especially our main sponsor Arcabo Mobile Homes, of course my mum and dad and all the people who are helping me. It is really nice to have such support behind me”.

Article: Andy McKinstry