McAdoo on running into the medic and Martin

An honest and conciliatory Cameron McAdoo has apologized for colliding with a medic and Alex Martin on Saturday night. The Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider took full responsibility and explained why it happened from his perspective – but admitted he should have been more aware of his surrounding.

McAdoo said on Instagram: “I hate seeing riders down, definitely never want to be a part of a situation like that but I was committed to following the leader’s line and go around the outside of Alex , unfortunately as soon as Justin went by the medic was committed to getting to Alex as soon as possible and that’s exactly where I was kind of committed to going . I want to take full responsibility of what happened. I should have been more aware of where he was going that he was doing his best to get to Alex as soon as he could.

“So I want to apologize to Alex, I want to apologize the medic that was hit,. just want to let everyone know I do fully respect all of the caution flags, the red cross flags, the medics, the whole track, downed riders, everything, I don’t want to do anything to put anyone else in danger. Very unfortunate situation, I want to take responsibility of what happened and move forward from it. Glad to know that Alex is okay and so is the medic.”

Image: Feld Entertainment inc

Article: Jonathan McCready