Justin Morris on Conrad Mewse – Future world champ?

Justin Morris had a successful career as a Motocross rider being a Grand Prix rider for thirteen years which means he has plenty of experience. Since calling a day on his Motocross racing career, Morris has stayed within the sport and gone into coaching. He’s worked with Conrad Mewse for a number of years watching him grow as a person and a rider. With the amount of talent Mewse has, Morris found him a dream to work with but he clearly played a big part in his career and helping him improve.

“Conrad is amazing, he’s one of the most talented riders I’ve ever seen in my life and still is. But like all of us, mentally sometimes I wish he could be a bit stronger, sometimes it’s difficult to dig him out of holes – like all riders really.  To be the best rider in the world, I think you’ve got to get to that point, I think he’s still learning and progressing but to work with, as a kid he was like a sponge. If I said, “jump that”, he would and if I said “do this, there”, he’d do it. That was an amazing thing really, he was awesome to teach as a kid and now as a professional rider he’s finding his own path. He doesn’t need to be taught much on a bike to be totally honest, just pointing out some lines now and again. It’s just all pretty much mental and physical with these guys to be honest – it’s important to get that correct”, Morris told GateDrop.com.

2013 was a superb year for Conrad Mewse as he won the Junior World Championship in the 85cc class, the Brit went 2-2 in the moto’s at Jinin in Czech Republic beating the likes of Hunter Lawrence, Chase Sexton, Jorge Prado and so many more bright young talents to glory. Morris was a very proud coach that particular day and looks back with good memories.

“Wow, yeah regarding memories, I think that’s one of the highlights of my teaching career and one of my racing career highlights as well if I’m totally honest.  We were in Czech Republic and on the way there, in the morning it just felt different. There was a song on the radio (Artic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know), we always talk about it, I just don’t know what happened that day but I was just in tears, the same as his Dad. He rode amazing to win that day, it was something I will definitely remember. It was an amazing day and something I will never never forget”, stated Morris. 

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A great day as Conrad Mewse becomes Junior World Champ! Pic: Nuno Laranjeira

The young Brit is still searching for his MX2 World Championship podium, he has all the talent in the world but since moving up to the MX2 World Championship he’s still looking for a podium – he’s been close on occasions but this year he’ll be hoping to make it happen. With age on his side – can he battle for a future world championship title in the future? Morris believes it’s down to him and his mentality.

“Conrad Mewse can basically win whenever he wants in my eyes.  He for sure should have already won GP’s, going back to when he was on an 85cc, he was untouchable in the World. He was beating Prado by 30, 40, 50 seconds some weekends. Riders, take Davy Pootjes for example – he was racing with him and Bas Vaessen, you take Brian Hsu and Herbreteau, all these riders – they were so fast on 85’s. They’ve all gone in different directions either with injuries or other factors. Conrad is still there and still very much were he needs to be if he wants to be a World Champion and that’s down to him, it doesn’t matter what I say, his Dad or whoever it is. It’s totally down to Conrad if he wants to be that World Champion or not because he has the speed. I don’t think anyone would question that. Conrad is his own person, he’s a man now, 21 years old and he has to decide for himself whether or not he wants to be that world champion mentally. Physically he’s in amazing shape and on a bike naturally he’s one of the best riders I’ve ever seen in the world so it’s down to him mentally if he wants a world title”, concluded Morris. 

In terms of British riders in the GP paddock it looks like Conrad Mewse and Ben Watson are the two best hopes but it’s not going to be easy – there’s so much talent in GP’s but no one can deny that Mewse has a lot of ability. This year he’s working with ex GP rider Stephen Sword who will be hoping to help him make that next step of battling for race wins and podiums. One thing for sure is that Morris has helped Mewse tremendously with his career so far.

Interview: Andy McKinstry