Josh Spinks steps away from professional racing

Josh Spinks has been involved in the British Motocross scene for a number of years but has announced that he’s decided to step away from professional Motocross. The Brit will now fully focus on his coaching business in the hope of developing some of the younger talents.

You can read Spinks statement below:

“The time has come to take a step away from racing as I once knew it.. I’ve made a decision to no longer race the Honda for PGVM. Paul and family have gone above and beyond for the past few years and I really appreciate everything they have done! Although this may come across negatively, it’s a decision that makes total sense”.

“My coaching business has been gaining momentum for a good few years now and I am fully invested in my riders, having been towards the top of the British motocross championship in years gone by I know how much time needs to be invested for riding/testing/ training/ recovery to be at your best and most importantly, safe. I simply cannot commit that time now and for that reason it’s only fair to ride & race as a secondary to my business at this time in my life”

“I have committed & invested in my own fun and bought a 250 2 stroke! I will ride & keep fit and enjoy dropping in on some races throughout the year! Another thing I really enjoy is bringing the content, so that will be a priority”.

“I’ve loved my professional career and achieved some things I didn’t think I could. I worked really hard and always juggled work alongside, taking a very different path to most & for that i’m proud!
There has been so many people that have helped me throughout, you know who you are. It’s not the end, plenty of races and plenty of premix to follow”.