Jett Lawrence on having the red plate and the hype

Jett Lawrence made it look easy in the opening 250 East round but says he will have a target on his back this weekend with the red plate.

Speaking in the press conference, Jett said ”I think just having the red plate you always have that bit of a target on your back because obviously that guy has the points lead. At this point in time, you’ve really got to make sure you stay on it because the points are very close. As long as I just keep doing what I’m doing and putting in those good results, if I lose the red plate next weekend, I’m not going to be too worried. As long as I stay on the podium each weekend and keep putting in good races and race like how I know how to ride, I think I should be okay. It’s definitely going to have a target on your back with the red plate. It could be on anyone, and they’d want to go after that guy because they’re the main guy right now. Hopefully, everyone has a really good race and gets some really close racing and has fun just like tonight.”

And, despite all the hype he gets, the young Aussie says he’s just like any another other 18 year old despite his success on the dirt bike:

“I think I don’t really believe in the hype, to be honest,” explained Jett. ”I’m not different to anyone else. People hype it up to say I am, but to be honest, I see myself as just a normal kid, as an 18-year-old racer. Nothing crazy. I think everyone should be hyped up because this sport is so challenging and so much time and effort put into the sport that no one really sees. So, I think everyone deserves the hype because this sport is probably one of the most gnarly sports in the world. I can guarantee that. I don’t pay attention to it because realistically on paper I still haven’t done much yet, compared to other guys.”

Image: Honda