Jorge Prado interview: It’s cool to see the Europeans have a good level!

Jorge Prado finished off his season in style with a sensational performance at the MX of Nations at Red Bud.

The new MX2 world champ showed America why he was the best 250 rider in the world by winning his class against US champ Plessinger and leading the first combined moto for 20 minutes that saw him beat 450 champ Eli Tomac too!

Prado has had the week of his life, winning a world title coming into Imola and now the MX2 class at the Nations, all at just 17 years old.

If there were any doubters left about this kid’s speed and technique there won’t be now, not even in America.

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We caught up with a relaxed Prado, who seems to just take everything in his stride, despite being the next phenomenon of the sport.

A great day today, you showed why you were world champion especially in that first moto, it must have felt cool to lead in front of all those American fans and against the 450s!

Yeah that first moto was pretty good, it looks like the Europeans showed they were the fastest this weekend so I am really happy about that too!

Coming in, were you conscious about the comments Plessinger made about only Ferrandis could beat him and he didn’t seem to know who you were, was that on your mind coming in, to battle the US champ?

I think they knew who I was but now they know it better! I came to this weekend and I didn’t even say a word because I didn’t know what to expect. I couldn’t say I would beat them, I was expecting them to go faster. I was coming here thinking I will try to learn from those guys because I thought they would be faster but they were slower. It’s cool to see the Europeans we have a good level and that’s pretty important for the future.

On your GP season, congratulations on your world title! You started decent and once you recovered fully from your pre-season injury you got the momentum and there was no stopping you and you were mentally strong when you led the championship…

Yeah it was pretty good, once I got that red plate I won every race (GP) except Turkey, I was pretty happy with the season for sure.

The relationship with Pauls Jonass, was that difficult being teammates fighting for a title?

Yeah it was okay, nothing special, we focused on our own things and that was good.