Joey Savatgy talks MXGP: Big fan of Cairoli and Herlings

We recently caught up with Joey Savatgy at the WSX opening round which took place in Cardiff and asked him his thoughts on the MXGP World Championship.

The American currently hasn’t got any plans for the 2023 season and asked if he’d be interested in racing MXGP if he had the opportunity – Savatgy was very honest in his answer!

“I follow MXGP. I try to stay up and watch it, a lot of the time it is perfect timing because flying after the AMA outdoors or Supercross, depending on where the series line up but I always watch the highlights on the plane at least. I am a big fan. I am a big fan of Cairoli and it was awesome to get over in America to be on the gate with him, he’s a legend. He was kind enough to give me a jersey and it felt a little weird fanboying over him but someone like that… such a legend. I am a big fan of Herlings as well, he is unbelievable on a Motorcycle”, Savatgy told 

“I definitely follow it but as far as going to race it… I don’t know if I would want to step into that. That is a big task. Man, what those guys ride on is kind of gnarly and I don’t know if I want to go down that road if I am being honest”, added Savatgy.

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Savatgy had the opportunity of filling in for the injured Adam Cianciarulo at the Factory Kawasaki team in America this year to contest the AMA Nationals and had a good time with the team securing some good results along the way.

“Working with Kawasaki, I loved it. Everyone on the team and the cooperation, they do a great job. Honestly, I did my ACL and I had 13 actual days of riding time since my ACL, and we went racing outdoors. The boys at Kawasaki did a really good job and helped make me feel super comfortable and making progress. We got on the podium for one moto and it felt like we made really good progress. My goal as a kid was to be on a Factory team and I made it there, I really enjoyed being part of it. I was there shorter than what I wanted to be but I don’t feel like I am at the end of my career by any means. I do think that if another factory ride comes about that I want to prove that I deserve a ride”.

Fingers crossed Savatgy can secure a ride ahead of the 2023 season.

You can read the full interview, here.

Words: Andy McKinstry

Image: WSX