Joel Roelants to Belgian authorities: Please give our sport a chance!

Joel Roelants has voiced his opinion on the destruction of motocross in Belgium, despite it being one of the most successful nations at the sport and home to the GOAT of motocross Stefan Everts, who represented the country with class all around the world.

Everts is now furious with the situation, saying: “RIP Olmen (Honda Park). The umpteenth death sting to our sport. Thanks, S**t Belgium.”

See Joel’s heartfelt words below:

“I WIL NOT QUIT, NEVER.The sport that gave and still gives my life and all kinds off people a purpose. The sport that became my work and still does for thousands of people directly or indirectly.

“The sport that got a lot cleaner, stricter and more quiet over the last decade.The racing side of motorbikes/cars go hand in hand with developing faster, smaller, lighter, cleaner and more durable engines.

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“Without racing we wouldn’t be even close to where we are today considering energy efficiency. Sadly travelling hundreds of kilometers to ride on tracks that are open takes more fuel then the few litres we use during practice itself.

“Its no longer a question of changing everything on our sport (it still needs changes, dont get me wrong) but it has become a mindset in certain peoples mind that we are “criminals”.

“One of the reasons I wake up every day and train hard is to prepare my body to go riding once in a while in a relatively safe way. They can ruin our sport in Belgium but I will keep riding, even if that means traveling far away.

“Please give our sport a chance and give a perspective to many of the people involved. Start with saving the track in Olmen (Honda park) which is there for many years already and only got more quiet so if it was possible for all those years, then it still is today.”

Thanks for reading and sharing,
Joel Roelants