Carmichael on his intense training regime – brutal

The man who won 150 AMA races, five premier class supercross titles and 10 outdoors title, including two perfect seasons, Ricky Carmichael, says his training regime was ‘brutal.’

But he also says riders like Jett Lawrence and Ken Roczen have more talent than him!

RC said in an excellent interview with Andrew Kerland, “Throughout my career, it’s known the volume of work we did away from the racetrack, during the week.  If we were going to be racing 20 minute races, we were going to to do double that, we would do 40 minute race simulations.

“My mum, I wouldn’t say she was tough on me, but she held me accountable for all of my results and what I needed to do. It was brutal but at the end of the day. I was a guy that required a lot of volume, I could handle that workload and volume.”

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“I don’t know that I would suggest that to everyone, Jett Lawrence, Hunter Lawrence Ken Roczen, those guys are so precise on a motorcycle, we all have a certain amount of talent. But those guys, they have so much skill! We could get on a motorcycle and go through a rhythm on a supercross track and they could clean in eight times and I would only be able to clean it five times. So, for me to go through it eight times, I am going to have to practice that.

“Do I have a talent? Of course I do, but they have more of a natural talent where I had a really good worth ethic, I beat guys on work ethic.”


Images: Feld Archive