Jeremy Seewer dealing with Epstein Barr Virus

It’s been revealed why Jeremy Seewer hasn’t been himself this year. The Swiss talent has been off the pace and has been having issues with his energy. It’s now been confirmed in a Yamaha press release that he’s been dealing with Epstein Barr Virus.

Turkey didn’t go as planned for Seewer but he gives his thoughts on both events.

On Turkey One… 

As I mentioned in the preview, I am not where I want to be, so I just need to turn up and try and that’s all I can do. If I was better in Timed Practice, I would have had a better day because my starts were amazing today. I was just far outside. I think in both motos, I could have got for the holeshot if I would be on the inside. I lacked energy in the morning, and that was my disadvantage today, going to the gate in P.14. I made the most out of the situation, but in the second moto, the track was one-lined and super hard to pass. Under the circumstances, I collected good points, and I am still here and racing and not feeling too bad, so now I will take a couple of days rest, do some recovery and see where I can improve for Wednesday.”

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On Turkey Two… 

It’s hard to find the words. The result today was not what we wanted. I actually arrived here pretty tired today. I can’t train to ride at this pace because of my health problem, so I was unable to fully recover. I tried to survive, but I was a bit unlucky. I had a massive high sider, which I couldn’t really do anything about. All that did was show that I am not ready to ride at that pace and it was just too much at the moment. I scored some points and I go home healthy. Now we’ve got to decide what we will do in the future, but I will try to stay positive

Quotes via Yamaha

Pic: Yamaha