Confirmed: Czech Republic 2021 MXoN team announced

For this year, Jiří Jankovský became the Czech team manager, taking over from Jiří Čepelák. Jankovský has been racing around the world with his JD Gunnex KTM Racing team for many years, but will be the national team manager for the first time. “I fit Filip Neugebauer into the role of national team coach and my other right hand, who will pass on his rich experience to the boys who will go to Mantova for Motocross of Nations. I came up with another change this year. Compared to previous years, we will not do a few training camps, but the boys, who do not regularly take part in the World Championships, are taking part in the World Championships in Turkey, which will be a preparation for the Motocross of Nations. We have a young team and I think it will work. Petr Polák should be the driving force behind the team, Dušan Drdaj is showing great results and this year he looks great on a motorcycle. As for Honza Wagenknecht, I know that the tracks fit him, he will be the ideal pilot to complete the team. The young Petr Rathouský is a substitute,” said the new manager Jankovský.

Dušan Drdaj, rider of the PP Racing team, will introduce himself in the MX1 class. He is currently the best Czech pilot on a “big” motorcycle. “I think that starting on MXoN is every rider’s dream, so I’m glad that it will come true for me as well. I’ve been to the nations of America once, I already know a little bit how it goes there. I’m looking forward to it and I would like to thank Jirka and Filip for giving me the opportunity to start at two Grand Prix in Turkey, which will be a good preparation for the nations,” said Dušan Drdaj about his premiere participation.

The East Bohemian racer Jan Wagenknecht, HT Group Racing Team, will present himself on a small motorcycle in the MX2 class, for whom it will certainly be interesting to compare his current form with the top of the world motocross. “I would like to thank the Autoclub of the Czech Republic and Jirka Jankovsky for this opportunity, because it is a unique race only once a year. I have already started in Mantua several times, so I have an idea of ​​what it will look like in the world competition there,” said Jan Wagenknecht enthusiastically.

The experienced Petr Polák, a member of the ACCR Czech Talent Team of the Autoclub of the Czech Republic and a regular participant in the World Championships in the Hostettler Yamaha Racing jersey, will enter the OPEN class. “We have a young team and we are guaranteed to put everything into it. As for the organization, I would like to thank Jirka and Filip for the nomination and the Autoclub of the Czech Republic for financial support,” Polak stated.

The team is as follows:

  • Petr Polak313
  • Jan Wagenknecht
  • Dušan Drdaj

Words: Press Release