James Stewart interview!

A rare new James Stewart interview has been unveiled on social media with a relaxed James talking about the best moments of his career and his legacy in the sport.

In the interview Stewart mentioned talked about a couple of his best memories from his career. “Probably 2008,” admitted Stewart. “I won every single race coming off an ACL injury. So, I was 24-0 and just started riding two weeks before the season started and won every single race. Then probably the next year in 2009, got knocked out in the first race and came back from a deficit to win it at the last race. Those are probably two of the proudest moments of my career. Those were stressful times on and off the motorcycle but it worked out.”

See the full interview in the link below:

James Stewart interview

And see Stewart in the middle of that intense duel with Reed in the aforementioned 2009 supercross season: