Jacky Vimond on Watson: A serious contender in any class

Jacky Vimond has been involved in the sport for over the past thirty years being a World Champion himself in 1986 becoming the first French World Championship. After hanging up his racing boots, he’s been involved in a coaching role helping a number of riders.

More recently, Vimond was part of the Kemea Yamaha team which saw him work closely with Ben Watson on a full time basis but for 2020 he’s decided to fully focus on Romain Febvre at the GP’s. Vimond can still help Watson throughout the week.

“Both Romain and Ben had some little things to work on, but first step was being sure that they had the necessity of changing something. After that we can start working, as they are willing to look for what is missing or wrongly done. I am there as the tool to make a change”, Vimond told Gatedrop.com.

Vimond still sees things that Watson can improve on and that’s he’s still far away from his maximum level but when all the pieces of the puzzle come together for the Brit that he can be a serious contender in any class.

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“With Ben, we met at the very beginning of his career, from my point of view: he’s way far from his higher potential yet. Some of the riders can achieve their goals in a very short time, some other riders, for different reasons, may need more time, to fit all the parts together. When all the pieces of the puzzle will stand along, Ben will be a serious contender in any class”, added Vimond. 

This year is Ben Watson’s last year in the MX2 World Championship and he’ll look to challenge the likes of Olsen, Vialle and Geerts for the MX2 World Championship. Due to the U23 age rule, Watson will be forced to move up to the MXGP World Championship in 2021. The Brit has stated that even without the age rule he’d have looked to make the step up regardless.

“It’s my last year in MX2 because I turn 23 in June so of course I still have a huge career ahead of me and if I’m being honest, I’m really looking forward to getting on the 450cc and really kick starting where I feel like my strong point is. My riding style and everything is, my build is just for the 450cc. You know, I have one year left in the 250’s and I think if there was no age rule after this year, that I would decide to move to a 450 anyway”, Watson told Yamaha Racing. 

Pic: Yamaha Racing