Interview: Vitezslav Marek talks EMX125 and the level

It’s not always easy to come from a country like Czech Republic but Vitezslav Marek has bags of talent and has a smooth and efficient style already at such a young age. Last year an injury disrupted his season but this year is so far, so good.

Marek is a consistent front runner in the EMX125 series so we caught up with him after the French GP.

GateDrop: Vitezslav, a good weekend for you and especially yesterday in the brutal and rough conditions. A bad start today probably cost you a podium…

Marek: Yesterday was very rough. I took a good start and made some passes but then Valin passed me otherwise I was riding in second place with a good gap back to third. Today, I had a bad start and the first few laps weren’t good for me but then I found speed and in the end I was on the back wheel of third. With three corners to go Escandell passed me so I ended up fifth for fourth overall. I am happy.

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GateDrop: Just on the EMX125 series, you ended up injured last year and it’s never easy to come back at this level but you are doing well this year and getting better every GP…

Marek: I feel good on the bike so far. I am consistent so good in the championship so far.

GateDrop: Just on the EMX125 level, it seems really good and especially Reisulis at the front, he seems to have really stepped it up this year…

Marek: Yeah, Reisulis is at the top and is the fastest for sure. After that there are a lot of other guys on a similar level as me. We battle every race and it’s a good championship.

GateDrop: You come from Czech Republic, what is the sport like in that country? You’ve been racing ADAC for a number of years too but these GP tracks are probably on another level…

Marek: These MXGP tracks are tough. In Czech Republic we don’t have a lot of ruts or bumps, we don’t have that. When I was younger I was going outside of Czech Republic so I think I am on a good way.

GateDrop: What’s your goals for the rest of the season? Try for a podium and maybe a win at a track that suits you?

Marek: We are level on points with Werner and Escandell so third is still possible for me.

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GateDrop: It wasn’t that long ago you were racing an 85cc but do you like the 125cc and for next year do you think you’ll race the EMX125 series again?

Marek: The 125cc is a big bike so it suits me. We don’t know now for sure, but I think for next year I will stay in the EMX125 series.

GateDrop: With another strong winter behind you, a championship contender in 2024?

Marek: I will work for that.

GateDrop: Just on your future, have you set any long-term goals?

Marek: The goal is to be a World Championship rider, that is the goal.

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Image: Infront Moto Racing