Interview: Tom Vialle on Lommel, MXoN and USA

It wasn’t an easy weekend for Tom Vialle in Lommel with last gate pick and two crashes in moto one but 7-4 results still gave Vialle third on the podium but he now has a 23 point gap to chase down on Lommel winner, Jago Geerts, with four GPs to go.

We caught up with Tom after the race to talk about his day, going to America next year (after originally planning on moving up to MXGP) and the MXoN at Red Bud.

A tough weekend for you but you still managed to make the podium somehow, what are your thoughts?

Of course a tough weekend, Saturday didn’t start so good with the quali race, I had a crash and had to start last today. The first moto was really tough, finished seventh, not what I was looking for. The second one was better actually, I had a good flow, good rhythm it was okay to finish third overall, I was quite happy but of course it’s not what I’m looking for.

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Now we have a two week break and I am going to reset a little but and reset for the next GP.

You are usually quite good under pressure, do you think in these next four GPs you can flick the switch again and really go for it?

Of course we are close, 20 odd points, it’sm not really close but it’s still not a lot. Jago still has to ride fast and me also, it will still be intense for both of us I think, so I am going to try my best as always and see where we end up.

How is the bike now? I know at the start of the season it took you a while to get the settings. Do you feel you are getting closer or still not quite?

You know, it’s a new bike so every track we try to improve the bike, it’s of course not so easy but the bike is getting better and I’m quite happy , of course in the sand I think we can still work on it a little bit. On the hard pack normally I have a good set-up, okay Loket was a special track I think, but on a normal hard pack track the bike is feeling good.

On MXoN I presume you are on the team and you will get to go against the like of Hunter Lawrence, I’m sure you are excited for that!

Yeah it’s pretty cool, actually to be honest, I think I’m going to go but I am not sure with the America stuff, I am not sure if I am going, I think in a few weeks I will know if I am going.

Regarding America, it looks like you were going there next year, orginally you were going MXGP but what changed your mind, the opportunity to ride supercross?

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It was quite a big decision, I signed with KTM USA for three years so let’s see what I can do. Supercross is of course going to be a big step this winter but I think I will have three or four months of training. I want to make it good over there.

Have you much supercross experience?

With KTM never, but three or four years ago I rode every summer in supercross when I was young, we had a few tracks next to my house in France and I did two or three races in the French championships, so I have a little bit let’s say of experience.

With Hunter and Jett Lawrence and Dylan Ferrandis doing well, winning races and championships, does that give you confidence you can be up there, at least outdoors?

I guess, the first year outdoor can be good. Supercross we need to see, I will be riding in the winter developing the technique, I think normally I have good starts, I hope over there will be the same and it will help alot in supercross – let’s see.

And will you race East coast probably?

I still don’t know that yet.

Regards living over there, will this be a temporary thing for one or two years and come back to MXGP 450, or if you really like it would you stay?

I want to stay there, if I go there it’s to stay.

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Images: Ray Archer