Interview: Liam Everts – Lommel, MXoN and Red Bull KTM

We caught up with Liam Everts to discuss his home GP that saw him just miss the podium by two points – but the speed was there!

We also talk about going to Red Bud to represent Belgium at the MXON and signing for Factory KTM next season:

Liam, your home Grand Prix but I think the results didn’t say how well you rode, what was your take on it?

Yeah, my speed was very good, besides Jago and Kay I think I was number three, it was possible but just too many mistakes which I created myself, not ideal but I will learn from it and come back in Sweden

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It was your home Grand Prix, did you feel any pressure? When you got into third, around the pit lane corner where your fans where, they were all cheering, that must have felt unbelieveable?

I didn’t really feel any pressure because I was so focused once I got into the race rhythm it was just outside, there so many people, it was great to see, great to see the sport in Belgium is still alive. Overall it was nice.

Your riding this year, I know you had a couple of finger injuries and not a lot of luck but you seem to be riding with a lot of intensity, is that something you worked on or just getting more experience?

I think just getting better with time, improving. I think it took a bit longer for me than maybe Kay and Simon, they are the same age wise, but it took a bit longer for me but it’s coming slowly, yeah.

And you didn’t start racing as young as them I think? Is that where the delay is coming?

No I was 12 or 11, maybe. But you can not push it so early in my eyes (start too young and serious) you have got to still enjoy. I think everything was very nice this weekend except those two silly mistakes.

Yeah, I think you were two points off the podium!

Yeah, I am really kicking myself, I just created my own bad luck there. I think it’s time to make our luck.

Couple of bits of good news, first of all you are factory KTM next year, you must be pretty excited about that!

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Yeah, great opportunity, it’s super to be under this tent where I really grew up watching my heroes when my father was still team manager, so I am very excited for next year already.

And then you are going to Red Bud now with team Belgium, that must be exciting?

Very excited to race in the US, on a real National track that they race so I am excited for that.

And you will be racing the Lawrence brothers, who you knew when you were young and now you will be racing in the same race, that must be cool for you!

Yeah, I haven’t really spoken to them a whole lot but I see they do well so yeah I think it will be a good race with everyone excited and back lining up behind the gate.

Are they different goals than this year going to the factory team and will you start testing soon after the season ends?

I’m not so busy with that yet, there are still four races to go and I’m focused on that.

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Image: Ray Archer/ Nigel McKinstry