Interview: Tim Gajser

Tim Gajser was in great form at the British GP but a big crash while leading moto one arguably cost him the overall win.

We caught up with Gajser who rebounded strongly to beat Cairoli in an exciting race two to get his take on the day.

Gatedrop: Tim, overall the speed was really good for you this weekend but you must be kicking yourself a little with the first moto crash which potentially cost you a 1-1?

Tim Gajser: Sure, definitely. I am a bit disappointed with the first moto but that’s the sport, you know. It can happen so quick and especially at a track like that. It was really sketchy and you can easily make a mistake. Overall, like you said, the speed was getting better and better, I’m feeling more comfortable on the bike every weekend so we will keep working hard and that’s the plan.

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Gatedrop: It was a pretty big crash, can you just talk me through the crash from your prospective?

Tim Gajser:  Sure, it was a big high-sider. One lap before I used the same rut and I got a little sideways and then I didn’t change for the next lap. I used the same rut and I got a big kick and then just went sideways. It was a big one but I am thankful that I walked away from that one. The bike was quite damaged so when I continued racing I had some issues on the left corners because I couldn’t put my leg out like normal. The handlebars were twisted completely but I am happy that I managed to finish the race.

Gajser and Cairoli battle Pic: Youthstream

Gatedrop: In the second moto you had a nice six seconds or so gap over Cairoli but then towards the end it got pretty close. Did you get nervous at all, it’s been a long time since you won a moto in MXGP?

Tim Gajser:  I didn’t get nervous but we started getting some lappers and I started to switch the lines. I started making little mistakes and then he (Cairoli) started to gain time. That was the case but overall happy to win that moto.

Gatedrop: You must be happy with the last lap because you set your fastest lap of the race and stepped up to the challenge!

Tim Gajser: Oh really?! I didn’t actually know. That’s definitely good, it’s a positive thing. It shows to myself that I can push also during the last lap so that’s a good thing.

Gatedrop: Yourself and Cairoli were over fifty seconds ahead of Paulin in third. Where you close to pushing over the limit or was it a case of you were going a pace you were comfortable at?

Tim Gajser: No way, fifty seconds! Actually, no I wouldn’t say I was pushing over 100% because I knew it was easy to make a mistake and I tried to learn from the first moto when I pushed too hard at the beginning. I was really pretty careful, especially the take offs were you couldn’t see anything because of the sun, it was really low and you were blinded. Overall, I didn’t make too many mistakes, I did a couple of them but it was a good moto so I am happy.

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Gajser loved his whips at Matterley

Gatedrop: Next week there’s a new challenge around the corner with the sand of Valkenswaard. You showed in the Italian pre-season races that your sand riding is pretty good this year but it’s important for you to at worst get on the podium because the last thing you want is Cairoli building up a championship points lead!

Tim Gajser: I am really looking forward to going to Valkenswaard. I looked at the weather and it’s supposed to be nice so it’s not going to be the same as last year. We’ve worked really hard during the winter on the sand to get better and more comfortable. We’ve also set up the bike good so I am looking forward to it. I will do my best, the goal is to be consistent and to be on the podium every weekend.

Gatedrop: The past few season’s you’ve still been fast but maybe haven’t gone as you’d have expected let’s say. Do you think now you’re riding the best since you’ve won the MXGP world title and you’re back to your best?

Tim Gajser: Sure, I feel really comfortable on the bike. I’ve started to enjoy riding my dirtbike again. In the past few years with the injuries and riding in pain, I didn’t enjoy it so much and I’m really grateful that we’ve had a nice winter. I think that has helped a lot definitely . We are just two races into the season and it’s still really long but we will try to work hard during the weeks between the races to get better and better each weekend.

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Pic: Nigel McKinstry