Interview: Roan Van de Moosdijk on joining F&H Racing Team

The 2018 season was a good one for young Dutch talent, Roan Van de Moosdijk as he ended up third in the EMX250 Championship. He’s now made the move from the SDM-Corse Yamaha team to the F&H Racing team for the 2019 which means he’ll be in green.

In 2019, Van de Moosdijk will once again concentrate on the EMX250 Championship as he wants that title! It’s in his contract that he will step up to the MX2 World Championship in 2020 which is exciting.

We caught up with the Dutch talent to get his thoughts on the move.

Gatedrop: Roan, first of all on your 2018 season you ended up third in the EMX250 Championship. When you look back on the season are you happy with how it all went?

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Roan Van de Moosdijk: I am so pleased to have got 3rd position in the EMX250. I had a slow start at the beginning but I finished off so strong. All in all I am happy especially towards to end of the season.

Gatedrop: You’ve signed with the F&H Racing team and will make the switch to Kawasaki in 2019. I’m sure you had lots of offers, what made you decide to sign with the team?

Roan Van de Moosdijk: Yes, we had lots of other teams interest in me which is always fantastic, we signed with F&H because I know I am able to progress with them as their set up is on point.

Gatedrop: Will you race any MX2 World Championship rounds that don’t collide with EMX250 in 2019?

Roan Van de Moosdijk: Yes, that’s the plan. We will choose certain rounds of the MX2 championship but of course our focus for next season is the EMX250 rounds.

Gatedrop: You’ve already been testing the green machine, what’s your first thoughts on the bike?

Roan Van de Moosdijk: The bike is very easy to handle, I absolutely love it and I already feel confident on the bike. It’s a good bike and I can’t wait for the start of the season to race it.

Gatedrop: You will be working with Marc de Reuver in 2019, what’s your first impressions having already spent some time with him? You must be looking forward to learning from him..

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Roan Van de Moosdijk: Of course! I am learning from the master, he’s a really cool guy, so helpful and he wants the very best from his riders. I am committed to delivering that for him and the team.

Gatedrop: For the off-season what’s your plans for where you will be based and testing? Do you know yet which pre-season races you’ll contest?

Roan Van de Moosdijk: We already have our training schedule for the winter months, we will be in Netherlands and in Spain. We are still discussing pre-season races before the start of the EMX. I can’t wait.

Gatedrop: After finishing third in the EMX250 series in 2018 – I’m guessing the goal for 2019 is to win the championship?

Roan Van de Moosdijk: Of course my plan is to win the EMX250 and I am committed to doing that.

Gatedrop: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Roan Van de Moosdijk: I would like to thank first of all my family because they are so supportive in all that I do.

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