Interview: Nicholas Lapucci – “unbelievable satisfaction” to win in Russia!

The first two rounds of the EMX250 Championship didn’t go according to plan for Astes4Tesar Yamaha rider, Nicholas Lapucci. The Italian only collected three points during the first two rounds which was very disappointing.

However, Lapucci managed to put the tough start to the season behind him in Russia and we saw a different rider from the first two rounds. Lapucci ended up third and second in the moto’s to secure the overall – his first European overall victory which is a great achievement.

Lapucci will be hoping the Russian result will be enough to kick start his season and we can regularly see him at the front of the EMX250 class as the season progresses.

We decided to catch up with Lapucci after his impressive win in Russia.

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Gatedrop: Nicholas, you just won the EMX250 round in Russia. Can you talk me through your day and how’s it feel to win a round of the series?

Nicholas Lapucci: It was the perfect weekend for me since the timed practice where I went second quickest. First moto I started not really well but after one lap I was in the top eight and with a strong come back I finished third. Second moto went with a perfect start in second position but on the first corner I touched my handlebar with another rider and after I was fifth or sixth but again with a strong come back and good speed I finished second which meant I took the overall! I can’t explain how it is to win a GP, it really is a big thing and of unbelievable satisfaction! I’d like to say thank you to all the team Astes4Tesar, Yamaha racing, monster energy, DP19 for always believing in me, sponsors and my family and my whole corner!

Gatedrop: The first two rounds of the series didn’t go to plan for you. Where you expecting more coming into the season and why do you think the first two rounds didn’t go to plan?

Nicholas Lapucci: The first rounds went not like I expected but now fortunately I resolved what was wrong and I worked hard but it’s in the past now. I don’t want to speak about it but just focus on my future plans that are for sure to make as many podiums as possible and for sure to come back in the EMX250 championship.

Gatedrop: You signed with the ASTES4-TESAR Yamaha team to compete in the EMX250 series before the season. How did the deal come about and you must be happy with the deal?

Nicholas Lapucci: I’m really happy to be part of this amazing team because they are really good people, professional and always next to the riders in every situation.

Gatedrop: You’ve been working with David Philippaerts this year, what’s it like working with the former World Champion and how does he help you?

Nicholas Lapucci: I really like to work with DP19 because he is a world champion and I have a lot to learn from him. He helps me a lot during the training and races because he is always next to me, we speak a lot and we try to take all the good and positives things during the whole weekend. I can’t thank enough these people around me!

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Gatedrop: You’ve been on a Honda, Husky and KTM the past few years, how does the Yamaha compare to those bikes?

Nicholas Lapucci: I think that the Yamaha for sure is the best one that I have had, I have a really good feeling with my bike since I try it for the first time. I really like the frame as it’s really easy to ride but I also like the engine. I also want to say thanks to all the Yamaha crew and Eric Eggens because they are special people for me.

Gatedrop: You’ve been with a number of teams the past few years, Ricci Husky, Assomotor Honda, Italian Factory KTM etc. Are you hoping you have a team for a few seasons now?

Nicholas Lapucci: All I want now is to stay in this team because I have a good feeling with all the guys and I don’t want to change. There isn’t any reason too.

Gatedrop: You rode the Italian MX2 World Championship, how did that go for you and do you plan on racing anymore MX2 rounds this season?

Nicholas Lapucci: Arco di Trento in the MX2 World Championship class went really well with a good eighth in timed practice! During the races I made some mistakes and a bit of bad luck compromised my result but it was a good experience and it was special to ride in front of my home crowd.

Gatedrop: You’ve rode plenty of MX2 GP’s in the past, is it in your plans to become a full time MX2 GP rider in the future?

Nicholas Lapucci: My focus for sure is the European championship but in my program there’s also Imola with the MX2 class. For the moment I’m just a part time rider in the world championship but in the future I hope be a full time rider in the world championship.

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Gatedrop: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Nicholas Lapucci: I want to say thank you to all the Astes4Tesar team, Yamaha racing, monster energy, DP19, all the sponsors and who supported me and all my family. Thank you!

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Youthstream