Interview: Maximilian Werner – EMX125 front runner

Coming into the 2023 was a big one for Maximilian Werner as he knew it would be his last year racing the EMX125 season and after signing with Fantic he knew he’d have the tools to deliver. The young German has improved a lot and is now a podium guy in the competitive EMX125 series.

France was a super strong weekend for Werner finishing 3-3 for third overall, he’ll be hoping for plenty more over the course of the season.

We caught up with the polite German to discuss his season so far and more after the French GP.

GateDrop: Max, another podium here in France! Two good starts, two consistent moto’s, another positive weekend for you…

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Werner: Yeah, it was a positive weekend. This time also with two good results, third in both moto’s is really consistent in this EMX125 class. I am happy about that and I keep working hard so maybe we can stay on the podium for the rest of the season.

GateDrop: What was your thoughts on the track? Very different both days but man it was so so rough yesterday and today you had some big balls to do that step up/triple every lap pretty much…

Werner: The first race was just unbelievable gnarly, pfft I just tried to stay on two wheels and I couldn’t believe it when I finished but it was still okay. In the second race, the track was almost flat but it was good. On the triple, sometimes I was perfect, sometimes I cased it really hard so I got arm pump. In the last few laps that is why I was a little bit off the pace but overall it was a good weekend for me.

GateDrop: Just on the EMX125 series, what’s your thoughts on the level this year? There’s a lot of fast riders which make starts important but fortunately you have them nailed…

Werner: Yeah we train a lot with the starts and they are really important. The start is really important in the EMX125 class, if you start good and stay in the first twenty minutes at the front or the top five then you also finish there I think.

GateDrop: Last year you were also getting good starts but the results weren’t as good as this year, it looks like you’ve had a good winter, did you change anything coming into the season?

Werner: Last year I struggled a lot with my head, I was over thinking too much stuff, the starts were good and the last race in Finland was good. The team was good, I had everything perfect but my head and myself I struggled a lot with. In the winter we trained a lot with the team as well as with Elias (Escandell) and Cas (Valk). If you train together it always goes better at the races I think.

Image: Fantic Racing

GateDrop: How’s everything going with the Fantic, I believe you also share a flat with all your team mates in Italy, how is all that going?

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Werner: It is perfect, I like the team a lot and it is like a family. Everything is really professional, at the moment I am in Germany with my trainer but we switch it around like before the hard pack races.

GateDrop: Two podiums you have now and you are consistent, have you got a goal for the rest of the season – maybe try and get a win? Valin and Reisulis are very fast at the front…

Werner: Yeah, those two at the front are really good but everything is possible I guess. We will see, my goal is to finish in the podium on the overall at the end of the season.

GateDrop: This is your last year in the EMX125 class, will you be racing EMX250 next year or is it still up in the air? Have you practiced with a 250cc much or have you no experience?

Werner: Yeah, next year the goal is to go to the EMX250 class, I practice sometimes actually on the 250cc two-stroke from my team and it goes pretty well. I am stoked with it, I think the 250cc will be good for me.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Images: Fantic Racing