Interview: Lynn Valk on the first 1-1 of her WMX career, the level & only having 5 rounds

What a start of the season it’s been for Dutch talent, Lynn Valk racing the WMX series as she has the red plate and took the first 1-1 of her WMX career in Portugal. Valk is back with the JK Yamaha team – a team she’s been with the past and is looking very comfortable with the team. We caught up with Valk to discuss the start of her season, the level of WMX and more… GateDrop: Lynn, the first 1-1 of your WMX career here in Portugal. Just how does it feel? It must feel amazing as this is what you work for… Valk: It is unbelievable, you know. I had a good winter with a good team and good people behind me again. I am so happy, the riding is going very well. I took a good start in the second moto and could go to the lead and control the race. The track was not easy, they ripped it very deep and you had to be careful to not make mistakes but I didn’t and I won so I am very happy. GateDrop: Just on the track, they didn’t rip it for Saturday but overnight they decided to rip it so it meant the track was pretty different for both days? Valk: Yesterday it was more hard pack, overnight they watered it and ripped so it was deeper but actually only like one line. GateDrop: Did you enjoy the track both days? It seemed like yesterday you dominated, and I don’t think today you rode any worse but Nancy probably rode a bit better? Valk: I didn’t take any risk but I loved this track already before I came here and I really enjoyed every lap out there. GateDrop: You are back with the JK Yamaha team this year after a year away from the team – what’s it like to be back working with them and back on the Yamaha – the bike seems to suit you well? Valk: Yeah, you know I have been there for three years but one year off because I had another opportunity which didn’t work out like I wanted it too. Luckily, they wanted to work with me again at JK Racing so I am super happy. GateDrop: Are you also living in Italy with your Brother (Cas) because I know he moved there to be close to his team and JK Yamaha are also Italian or how is that working? Valk: No, I am just living at home (in the Netherlands), working at home but sometimes I do go to Italy and we train together with JK Racing and my brother with the Maddii team. Now I will go home after this.
Pic: MX July / Eva Szabadfi Photo
GateDrop: It must be a very happy Valk family at the moment with Cas winning the first EMX125 round, you getting the podium at the first WMX round and now winning this weekend… a happy household! Valk: (laughs). Yeah, a happy family. We both have got the red plate so we will work hard to keep it that way (laughs). GateDrop: Coming into the season, what were your expectations for the season? Was the title on your mind or was it just a case of taking it one weekend at a time? Valk: Definitely not, I just came into the season wanting to have fun again. I just wanted to enjoy and take podiums. Right now, I am leading the championship so definitely, I am super happy. GateDrop: Now you have the red plate, will that maybe add a little bit of pressure or will you try and have the same mindset for the rest of the season? Valk: I’m not going to put any pressure on myself, I will go to every race to enjoy and to have fun. No, no pressure! GateDrop: Infront Moto Racing released a new calendar recently which took France out of the WMX series, I know they took France away and never replaced it. What’s your thoughts on that? I know some of the girls weren’t happy on social media… Valk: It’s a shame that they put the girls like this. We only have five rounds and it’s a World Championship so it’s a shame that they cancelled France (it would have meant six rounds) and don’t replace it with another round. It’s not nice. GateDrop: The level of WMX, I feel like it’s really good right now with some young talents like yourself and Martine Hughes and you still have the experienced riders too… It looks really competitive out there? Valk: Definitely, I think the last few years, the level has been much higher, you know. Every girl is riding very fast and it’s good to see for the sport. Interview: Andy McKinstry Pic: MX July / Eva Szabadfi Photo Podcast: Jonathan McCready gets the inside story from Andy McKinstry who was at the Portuguese MXGP and they also discuss the chances of Jeffrey Herlings racing the US Nationals. Listen on iTunes here or below: