Interview: Kyle Peters on becoming Prince of Paris and the 2022 AMA SX season

The SX2 class provided some good racing in Paris with American talent, Kyle Peters who has many years of Supercross experience under his belt going up against MX2 World Champion, Maxime Renaux. In the end, Peters took three holeshots to have the perfect day resulting in three wins.

Peters looked great at the front and didn’t make one mistake all night long which was impressive. We caught up with the American to discuss his perfect night in Paris and to get his thoughts on the 2022 Supercross season.

GateDrop: Kyle, it was the perfect night for you going 1-1-1 here in Paris, you must be delighted with how your night went?

Peters: Yeah, I have loved my time here and everything has been really fun. It was good racing, I was curious how the track would race with no whoops and all the rhythms were kind of simple so the start was super important. I was able to get all three holeshots as well so it made life a little bit easier and I just put in the laps after that. The guys were going super fast so I am very happy to have ended with all three wins and being the Prince of Paris.

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GateDrop: You were able to beat the MX2 world champion tonight, it was a bit of a shame his starts were bad but nevertheless you rode very solid and consistent with no mistakes. It must feel good to beat a world champion?

Peters: For sure, I can’t say I’ve ever done that before. It was very special and he was going super super fast. If he could have started up front with me, it would have been tough for me to stay with him, honestly (laughs). I put myself in good positions and unfortunately he wasn’t able to start up there up front because it would have been a fun battle but it was good racing.

GateDrop: You’ve won a couple of Arenacross titles and you have plenty of AMA Supercross experience – how did you find the track? Obviously more of an AX track that SX track I would say?

Peters: Yeah, more similar to Arenacross. It’s obviously a bit bigger than most Arenacross tracks but as far as the rhythms and the layout of it, it was more Arenacross than Supercross. It was a little bit more mellow whereas the American stuff is very steep.

GateDrop: There were no whoops but in a way can you understand it? I think it was better for the racing as there’s less top Americans than usual and more GP guys than usual…

Peters: I definitely understand that. Those guys don’t have a Supercross series as they focus on outdoors all year so for them and for the fans, I think it was much better for the fans because everyone was so close and it was tough to pass. I mean racing like that is fun racing and it’s tough when it doesn’t go your way. Overall, it was a great day.

GateDrop: On your plans for the season ahead, what’s your goals for the AMA Supercross series? Not long to go now!

Peters: My plans are to do the Kicker Arenacross again and then all of the East Coast Supercross races so it’ll be nice to get two full championships in there. My goal is to be on the podium and fighting with those guys fighting for wins and being up front where I should be.

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GateDrop:  Obviously you come over here quite a bit for Supercross events, would you ever come over to do a Motocross race?

Peters: I just haven’t really had the opportunity. I would love to come as I’ve loved my time here in Paris and travelling overseas is always good. When the opportunity presents itself I would love too.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Pascal Haudiquert