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Interview: Kevin Horgmo

Interview: Kevin Horgmo
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One rider who has really stepped it up during the 2016 season is Norway’s, Kevin Horgmo competing in the EMX125 championship. It’s not easy having to come from Norway, being a privateer and adjusting to all the tracks. However, Kevin Horgmo, after a slow start to the season started to improve, running at the front and getting faster.

He led the second moto at Matterley Basin but he just didn’t have enough to stop Stephen Rubini who is much stronger. After England, Kevin was eighth in the standings and looking to push into the top six of the championship.

However, disaster struck during Mantova and Kevin picked up an injury and it now looks like he will be out for the season. We decided to catch up with Kevin to talk about his season and about his injury.

Gatedrop: You have improved a lot this year, can you talk me through your season?

Kevin Horgmo: Yes, I have improved a lot throughout the season, last year I scored a seventh in the final moto in Assen. I wanted to be up there from the start this year, but Latvia being my first race of the season I struggled a bit. I couldn’t get the starts right and had a lot of bad luck with small mistakes and people crashing in front of me.  In the mud in Italy I had got more bad starts and I crashed a lot. After the Italian round I knew what was wrong, I wanted too much to do good. So I lowered my shoulders and tried not to think about the positions, but about my riding.

Since Italy I have improved, just moving up the results step by step. I had not gotten any great starts, so I knew I was capable of being higher up. In Spain I finished eighth and in France a seventh, I was ready to keep improving in Britain. I did, I got a ninth in moto one, after an idiotic mistake that cost me a probably fourth. In the second race I got a good jump and could finally get the start right, I passed several good guys to get the lead and a gap. I was passed by Rubini just before the second lap board and I finished second.

The first race in Britain cost me an overall podium, I was really bummed, but happy at the same time. I still wanted to improve in Mantova and get it all together. Unfortunately, a crash set me out of the season.

Gatedrop: You got injured in Italy, can you talk about the injury in more detail? You must be very frustrated! How long will you be out for?

Kevin Horgmo: This is quite of a long story so here it comes:

After Britain we drove directly to Italy to train at Ottobiano, unfortunately I crashed at the training there Thursday, it was at the end of the day, and we were almost ready for the day. I got a high side at in one of the fast sections and crashed. We thought I only had pain and everything else was alright so we agreed to race the weekend.

At the time practice I didn’t have much pain, but it was hard to stay against the bumps. Unexpected I was only forty-three hundredths of a second behind first in third. Without the crash on Thursday I would been the fastest for sure.

In the first moto I got a great start, but because of the arm being so weak it flew of the bar in a sharp bump, I crashed pretty hard and could not finish. Now I felt something was really bad and I didn’t want to start the second race.

We were there for the second race just to watch and it was really frustrating to see all the points I am losing, I also felt that I have improved a lot from the start and actually I’m better in sand than on the hard pack. So I was really motivated to do great in Mantova and maybe score a podium.

I hoped to get ready for Lommel, but unfortunately that’s not possible, the doctors say three-six months but it’s such a rare injury so it isn’t many people that has been working with that problem. About the injury, they say that the shoulder must probably been dislocated, the other way of what’s normal.

Gatedrop: In the UK, you led your first race in the EMX125 class. How did it feel and you must have been happy with your weekend?

Kevin Horgmo: Yes for sure, I’m really happy about the weekend. Actually in Assen last year I lead for a lap, so I have felt the feeling before. But now it was a much better feeling, I could pass some fast guys and actually get a good gap. About the weekend I rode really good, but unfortunately in heat one I got up to fifth but slipped in a corner. That mistake cost me an overall podium, so that’s a bummer.

Gatedrop: Coming from Norway and being a privateer how hard is it to make it in the GP’s and adapting to all the tracks?

Kevin Horgmo: The hardest thing about coming from Norway is the tracks, they are mostly gravel and the competition isn’t that high. That’s why I go to Sweden to race a lot, because the sport is bigger there, the competition is too. But the main key has been to race and train as much as I can in Europe. Like in the winter I go to Spain, to one of my sponsors RedSand MX Park. One more thing is that it is really far from all the international races and tracks, so it makes it really expensive for us to go out.

Gatedrop: I believe you work with Kenneth Gundersen, how is it working with him and how does he help you?

Kevin Horgmo: He helps me a lot with everything, he has been racing across the world and has had great success. It’s very nice working with him because of all the knowledge he can bring. He knows everything about the tracks and what we should work on before the next race. He also has a lot of contacts and it is a great value. I have worked with him since I was eight years old and I have adapted from him his style and technique, he and his family means a lot to me.

Gatedrop: Do you prefer hard pack or sand tracks?

Kevin Horgmo: I do prefer hard pack that gets ripped and really rutty. But I also enjoy deep sand tracks.

Gatedrop: Do you have any plans for next year yet? 

Kevin Horgmo: Still everything is open, but I would prefer riding the 125 next year. I have had some offers, but nothing is decided yet.

Gatedrop: If you are back for the JWC is that a race you will contest this year?

Kevin Horgmo: We have to focus on the next season and try to recover as best as possible. To go to JWC would cost a lot of money and effort, unfortunately we don’t have opportunity this year.

Gatedrop: What rider do you look up to the most?

Kevin Horgmo: I don’t have any specific rider I look up to, there are so many great riders so it’s really hard to pick.

Gatedrop: Have you set yourself a goal that you would like to achieve in your career? If so, what is it?

Kevin Horgmo: My main goal is to have motocross as my job and making a living out of it.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Martin Plesnik


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