Interview: Justin Bogle – Paris supercross

We caught up with an effervescent Justin Bogle to talk about his debut ride for the HEP Twisted Tea Suzuki squad in Paris, what it’s like to battle in the premier supercross class, getting to ride with Cairoli, and Bogle says he would like to do a GP at some point!

“4-4-5 in the races I should have had third that middle one, JB snuck me man! That old man is smart and very good! I had a lot of fun though, it’s obviously a very different bike, a stock bike so very different from what I am going to race at home but had a lot of fun. It was nice to get a race in and see what I need to work on,” assessed Bogle on his day’s racing.

On getting to race with Cairoli, Bogle commented: “ At the end of the day I am a big fan of motocross racing, I love this sh*t so much. I have so much respect for Tony and people like Chad, people that have been in this and done all you can do. Tony, nine time world champ? Come on! And he’s such a cool guy, getting to talk to him a little bit and then race with him? Very, very cool for me.”

Get the full interview below:

Image: Pascal Haudiquert